A collection of offers we are currently running, for more information please feel free to contact us or book an appointment

Complete Family Law Limited is pleased to announce that all clients who instruct us on a divorce application in 2019 are entitled to 50% off a Change of Name Deed or simple Will upon pronouncement of Decree Absolute.

We will also give you 30 minutes of our time for free*. We know that choosing a Solicitor is an important decision so we offer a 30 minute appointment to meet and have a no obligation preliminary discussion with Claire Rosser-Davies to see if we can help. If you think you may need 1 hour with the Solicitor then we can offer the appointment with a follow up letter of advice for a fixed fee of £100.

* offer is limited to 1 appointment per person.


We offer a dual pricing structure which is designed to give you the choice, where possible, of either instructing the Solicitor on an hourly rate or on a fixed fee.

Our hourly rates are as follows:

Grade A Solicitor (A Solicitor or Legal Executive with over 8 years’ experience)
£270 inclusive of VAT (£225 + VAT). Currently this is the applicable rate for Miss Claire Rosser-Davies.

Grade B Solicitor (A Solicitor or Legal Executive with over 4 years’ experience)
£225 inclusive of VAT (£187.50 + VAT)

Grade C Solicitor (A Solicitor or Legal Executive)
£180 inclusive of VAT (£150 + VAT). Currently this is the applicable rate for Miss Lace Murphy

Grade D Trainee (Trainee Solicitor, Trainee Legal Executive or Paralegal)
£120 inclusive of VAT (£100 + VAT). Currently this is the applicable rate for Miss Leah Jones

The above rates are correct as at April 2019 but are subject to review and you will be notified about any increases in accordance with our Terms of Business

Our fixed fees offer you the security of knowing at the outset what you are going to pay for a discreet piece of work or advice. All quotes are tailored to your needs and can be discussed with the Solicitor.

Wills and Probate

Our simple Wills start from £175 inclusive of VAT, more complex Wills can be prepared; please contact us for more information.

If you ask us to assist you with the administration of an Estate or an application for Probate this will be on the Solicitor’s hourly rate. We will never charge a percentage of the Estate, you will only pay for our time allowing you to decide if you wish to prioritise the costs or your time, if you wish to complete documents or make enquiries.

Each matter is unique but as a guide our average Probate costs in 2017 were £1,737.74 and 2018 were £5,329.91. For an Estate administered solely by our Solicitor including arranging the funeral, sale of the house, lodging IHT100 and setting up a trust our fees were £24,341.65. For an Estate where all papers were provided and we just completed the Probate application our charges were £890.48.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

For Lasting Powers of Attorney our fees are £750 for 1 application and £1,250 for 2 applications. This includes a meeting with the Solicitor, preparation of the application and submitting this to the Office of the Public Guardian.